Frequently Asked Questions 

Who created your product, and why? 

Progeneron was developed by a team headed by Dr. David Scharp, MD, a globally recognized and award-winning surgeon, professor, and researcher. Dr. Scharp created the product to combat his hand issues. While creating the product, he focused on natural ingredients with existing clinical data. 


Is Dr. Scharp a researcher as well as a Physician and Surgeon? 

Yes. Dr. Scharp is a globally recognized researcher with multiple clinical publications and patents. He was also a physician, surgeon and professor of surgery. Some of his credentials can be found here at


How long does it take to see results? 

You should begin to experience preliminary results within 30 days with increased results by 90 days of use. As results vary from person to person and are contingent upon what they are using the product for, we can't provide exact estimates for individual results.   


What happens if I stop using the product after having noticed improvement? 

Every person is unique. In general, if our product is demonstrating improvement, stopping its use may culminate in a deterioration of the improvement you were endeavoring to achieve.  


What happens if I have a negative skin reaction to the product? 

The ingredients were specifically chosen to be gentle and therapeutic for the skin. However, should you have any adverse reaction, we recommend that you stop using the product immediately.


What is the fragrance? 

The fragrance is all-natural and a direct result of the ingredients. We sought not to mask or add any nonessential ingredients to the formulation. 

How do I apply Progeneron? 

Per affected hand, apply one full pump 3X daily. Rub the cream gently into the palm and each affected finger until it is fully absorbed. Not to exceed 4X a day to any single hand or affected finger. If more than two affected fingers per hand, add one full pump per finger affected. 

How long does a 15ml bottle last? 

A 15ml bottle will last 30 days if used 3X daily (one pump per use). 

Do you offer a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, we offer a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee.